Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grandma Ruth with Hunter and Kate

The kids call her Grandma Ruth so they don't get two Grandmas answering at the same time. Grandma Ruth uses a cane and Hunter went to give it to her and he said, "Grandma Ruth, here's your crane." I guess it could be used to lift as well as walk. He also said something about her looking crumbly. I guess he was referring to her wrinkles. The kids enjoyed seeing her.

Four Generations

My Grandma Kratchen came to visit from Ohio. Here is a picture of 4 Generations. It was nice to have her here and to share things with us.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Birthday!

So today is my birthday. I am looking up at the hill. I turned 35 today. Every time I go to the Dr. and ask them a question it's always"because you're getting older". Great! So for my birthday Jeff gave me a Kitchen Aid standing Mixer. I love it. I have been wanting one. We are going to make a cake with it. Hunter, who is 7, gave me a note that said Happy Birthday and gave me 25 cents. How sweet. Brooke asked her Dad to take her to the store so she could buy a gift for me with her own money. She wanted to make sure I was going to like it and really thought about it. She got me lotion from Bath and Body works. She knows I always need it on my hands. I also received other things from my family! It was a nice birthday. Jeff and I got to go out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and Shondra and Nick watched Hunter and Kate. We then went to Rita's and got custard. It was yummy! The kids were great entertaining Kate for me today which I truly appreciated. Thanks for a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes - By Kraft

I made these cupcakes yesterday. They are so good. They hold together better than a normal cupcake. We all enjoyed them.

Lemon-Cream Cheese Cupcakes

1 pkg. white cake mix

1 pkg. (4-svg size) lemon flavor instant pudding filling

1 c. water

4 egg whites

2 T. oil

1 (16 oz.) pkg powdered sugar

1 (8 oz.) pkg cream cheese, softened ( I used lite)

1/4 c. (1/2 stick) butter, softened

2 T. lemon juice

Preheat oven to 350*. Beat cake mix, dry pudding mix, water, egg whites and oil in a large bowl with mixer on low speed until moistened. (Batter will be thick). Beat on med speed 2 min. Spoon batter evenly into 24 paper-lined 2 1/2 in. muffin cups. Bake 21-24 min. Cool in pan 10 min. Remove and cool completely. Meanwhile, beat sugar, cream cheese, butter and lemon juice with mixer until well blended. Frost cupcakes.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kate singing to "John Jacob Jingle Heimer"

Kate was just singing away to her music. This was the song "John Jacob Jingle Heimer" and when they would lower their voice she would say "sh,sh"

Kate Singing to 'The Ants Go Marching"

Hope you can see her. Kate was sitting on Jeff's lap with her headset singing to Barney's version of "The Ants go Marching". You can hear her saying down, down.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rest of Dollywood Trip

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Jeff, Brooke and Kate eating lunch - Jeff is eating a Quesadilla, Brooke is eating a Corn dog and Kate, well she is eating ketchup! I think she is suppose to be part of the Ceci family with that ketchup.

Anniston and Kate

Kate and Anniston were ready to ride the pigs, so Kate thought. The ride began and so did Kate. We had to stop the ride and pull her off. May be next time.

Lined up and ready to win

Nick had the kids all lined up to play games. I think Keaton won this round.

My little fish

These kids loved the pool. If it was too cold they would go inside to swim. They would swim for hours.

River Battle

This was the newest ride at Dollywood. It was great if you wanted to get soaked. You could soak people watching the ride and they could soak you.

Music Road Inn/Outdoor Slide

Music Road Inn in Pigeon Forge is by far one of my most favorite hotels to stay in. The kids love the outdoor pool area. They have this huge slide which Kate loved, a lazy river and a kids pool. Kate would go down the slide with anyone who would take her.

Spring Break - Dollywood or bust!

There's so many pictures from our trip that I will highlight a few and then put the rest in rolling pics. This is our family outside of the Applewood Farm restaurant. THis was our last night. We have decided that we will not come back to this restaurant. The food is ok, not great. We prefer Cracker Barrel.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kate watching TV

I caught Kate in this basket watching tv. She also has figured out how to turn it upside down and stand on it to get things down off the counter.

Kate's Birthday party

Kate with her cake. Two of her cousins call her "Baby Cake", they really think that is her name.

Kate's Birthday - Big 2

This is Kate on her birthday! March 28th. The last picture I was lying on the floor and wanted to get a picture of her and she kept coming closer to me. How fun! The terrible 2's