Sunday, September 27, 2009

I made this for dinner and this for dessert!

I made this yummy parmesan chicken. It was a recipe from Family Circle. So easy and really good tasting. I got this dessert recipe from my little Kroger coupon booklet that came in the mail last week. Yummy! Both were really easy to make.

Goodie bag

I made this for Kate's class. They are goodie bags for her classmates. They were easy to make.

Water-Skiing kids

Hunter attempting to water ski, he is getting the hang of it. Brooke stayed up for a while and so did Alex. Alex did take some good falls.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What? Grandpa let you drive his Corvette?

Grandpa was very brave in letting Alex drive his Corvette. He enjoyed driving around. Grandpa was actually the first brave one to let Alex drive. He drove his van. He is getting better each time.

Happy 15th Alex!

Alex turned 15 on Aug. 13th and that means 2 things - He now can drive the golf cart on his own and he gets a permit. He takes the golf cart to seminary and to school. He loves his freedom. He has also driven the car a few times. That will take lots of practice.

First day back to School

Alex, Brooke and Hunter went back to school on Aug. 10th. Kate went to her first day of school on Aug. 24th. I think the kids are liking school. Kate loves hers and asks everyday if she is going to school. She goes 2 days a week.